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Election Day News and Tidbits…

As usual, it has been nearly forever since I last posted anything. I want to say that in the future I will post more, but I think I will only be deceiving myself. So I will say this: We shall see what happens. For now, here are some general election day reactions from yours truly…

1) It appears as though California’s Proposition 19 is going to fail. Bummer. As far as I’m concerned, the War on Drugs has been a monumental failure of the most epic proportions. Not only does it cost us billions of dollars a year, it diverts law enforcement from actually cracking down on REAL crimes, and it has gotten us to the point where we have the largest prison population on the planet (as a percentage of the population and in the actual amount of bodies in prison). As a country claiming to be the “land of the free”, I find that to be more than a little disturbing. Prop 19, had it passed, would have gone a long way towards eventually getting the entire War on Drugs abolished, or at least incredibly toned down (against soft drugs). California- you disappoint me.

2) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is still in office. How dreadfully depressing. It isn’t that I thought Sharon Angle was anything special, it’s just that Reid is one of those obnoxious and established politicians that annoy me so much. I think it would have been healthy to his ego to have gotten the boot from Nevada voters. Next time…next time.

3) The good news: Democrats have lost the House of Representatives. The bad news? Republicans have gained the House of Representatives. I find this to be both depressing and a bit heartwarming at the same time. I dislike both parties about equally, but┬áincumbent parties tend to be more annoying than challenger parties, so it’s always nice to see the smug looks wiped off the faces of the incumbents. Of course, now that the Republicans are back (mostly back, anyways), it will be interesting to see what, if anything, they actually attempt to do.

4) ┬áIn the end, the government won this election. It always does, and it probably will continue to do so for a very long time. Not much will change. The governments response to the economy certainly won’t. If things get any worse (and, sadly, I think they might), all those small government loving Republicans will probably end up voting for another stimulus package like they did the first time around.