Corporatism abides…

Somehow this slipped right past me, but thanks to Glenn Greenwald’s ever insightful blog the evidence has become pretty clear that Obama killed the public option basically from the start. Surprised? I’m not. For decades this government has run on a fairly consistent corporatist policy, where the two dominant centers of power in society (corporations and the government) have led a largely symbiotic relationship with each propping up the other. Some progressives seemed to see the corporatism within the Bush administration but have fallen strangely silent when it comes to Obama and his crew.

Maybe the most important phrase one can apply to politics is cui bono– who benefits? Always follow the money. Turns out the health care lobby was heavily favoring Obama above McCain in 2008. Obama simply returned the favor by pushing a couple of million new customers right into the hands of large corporations. What a perfectly delightful system, eh?

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