The Drama Continues…

Not surprisingly, I think, Israel is claiming that at least 50 captives taken from the flotilla have been identified as having possible terrorist connections.

As I pointed out here, it shouldn’t be surprising that in a group of 600 or more people some will have connections to organizations or individuals Israel isn’t too fond of. Remember the whole 6-degrees of separation theory? The Middle-East is chalk full of terrorist organizations. The fact that a few were on board  doesn’t surprise me and it shouldn’t be a big deal (and, again, let’s remember that Israel is only alleging these people may have terrorist connections). This is hardly proof of malicious intent.

In another interesting development, the Jewish human-rights organization Gisha was given some information regarding a Freedom of Information Act they filled against Israel concerning its policy on allowing food into the Gaza strip. A number of interesting details have emerged…

  • In a court submission, the State of Israel admits that, contrary to its previous claims, it does indeed possess documents related to its policy on the transfer of goods into the Gaza Strip, including a list of “permitted” goods.
  • However, the State claims for the first time that it can not reveal the documents, out of concern that allowing the public to review them would harm Israel’s national security and foreign relations.
  • Israel admits the existence of a “Red Lines” document that establishes the minimum nutritional requirements for residents of Gaza, but refuses to reveal it.

The rest can be read here.

The existence of a document establishing minimum nutritional requirements for the Palestinians should be sent to each and every columnist who disdainfully whines about how the Palestinians don’t need aid and other supplies because trustworthy Israel is making sure all their needs are met. Considering that a high percentage of people in Gaza are dangerously close to lacking sufficient resources on a day-to-day basis you can bet that Israel established this sustenance level diet and is doing all it can to make sure they don’t get anymore than that.

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